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In Barbados, taxi and funeral parlour services have evolved hand in hand over many years. Traditionally, it was the funeral home that offered the taxi service primarily to its customers for funerals and for emergency transportation to hospital.

Lyndhurst was among the pioneers in this regard, launching its taxi service on January 1, 1955.

The company currently operates 34 modern, fully-equipped vehicles on a 24-hour basis, driven by competent and affable chauffeurs who are constantly undergoing training in all aspects of customer service. It's the largest fleet of vehicles on the island and caters to the local community as well as to hotels and business houses that offer their employees transportation to their homes after night duty.

Lyndhurst Taxi Service is competently managed by Ms. Bonita Branch, who joined the company in 1997, rapidly moving through our Ambulance Service and our Executive Car Department. Ms. Branch and her staff offer outstanding service to our many customers and are proud standard-bearers of this company. They process an average of 600 calls daily. 

Always in search of methods of improving our service, Lyndhurst will shortly be installing advanced technology to include the Global Positioning System (GPS), mapping and point-of-sale electronic billing, all designed to add efficiency and cost effectiveness to our operations.