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lyndhurst_building_1 Welcome to the website of Lyndhurst Funeral Home of Barbados.

Death is a reality. No one can adequately prepare for it, but come it must.

In Barbados, the services of the nearby funeral parlour have long represented that symbol of support and anchor to families when the inevitable moment arrives.

Over the years, the name Lyndhurst has been providing caring service at home, in the Caribbean region and at times further afield, and has become synonymous with extending empathy to those experiencing the pain of bereavement.

Ours is a rich and fascinating history, dating back over the past half century. Indeed, our lineage stretches even further back to the days of our precursors, Burton and Company and later, Parkinson and Gill, household names in time.

The technology of this medium now makes it possible for us at Lyndhurst to make our services even more personalized and direct.

  • We provide services in embalming suitable for all climates, burials on land and at sea, cremation, repatriations to any part of the globe and perpetual cemetery care.

  • We advise on documentation and coffin requirements for all air services.

  • We deliver efficient service for embassies worldwide.

  • We provide documentation delivery service for cremation.

  • We translate official documents, i.e. death certificates, invoices and reports. We alleviate any language problems often associated with probate when death occurs.

  • We offer a range of caskets, coffins and urns conforming to international shipping standards.

Lyndhurst Ltd. is situated less than a mile from the centre of the city of Bridgetown. It is one of the oldest and best known of all Barbadian funeral establishments having kept pace with the latest state-of-the-art technology, with the best mortuary facilities on the island.

Lyndhurst Ltd. over the years has undertaken state funerals in Barbados (Former Premier Sir Grantley Adams, Prime Minister Tom Adams and Hollywood actress Claudette Colbert); Guyana ( President Forbes Burnham); St. Lucia ( Nobel laureate and renowned economist Sir Arthur Lewis); and from Dominica ( Prime Minister Dame Mary Eugenia Charles and former Opposition Leader Michael Douglas).

A first look at our new location in St. Philip



Lyndhurst --- then and now

In the beginning: Lyndhurst was founded and incorporated in 1954 and began business on January 1, 1955, from the home of its founder Mr. Colin Parkinson in Strathclyde, a stone's throw from its present location at Passage Road, St. Michael. One of the several small plantations in urban Barbados is said to have occupied the present site.

Before Lyndhurst was Parkinson and Gill, and before that establishment was Burton and Company at Pinfold Street near the YMCA, which was owned by Bob "Poor Bob" Parravicino.

An impressive pantheon of funeral directors and morticians is associated with this institution - Parravicino, Burton, Parkinson, Gill, Lewis, Bryan and Griffith.

Colin Parkinson went to work with John Burton in 1941. He and a Mr. Lewis were soon jointly running the business after the death of Mr. Burton. Around 1951, they were joined by George Gill, who would later form a company known as Parkinson and Gill Ltd, at a property known as Lyndhurst.

In 1955, their first and best year of business, they conducted a grand total of 459 funerals. The company was so successful that 10 years later it bought out Burton and Company and the Parravicinos became 23 per cent shareholders.

Funeral homes abounded: names like Smith, Tudor, Hall and Hinds, Codrington, Belgrave, Greene, Moore and Browne, among others.

Competition in those days was razor sharp; practices to acquire work ranged from the ethical to the unethical to the ridiculous. Gradually, the environment took on a more sophisticated tone with the arrival of improved technology, training of practitioners and other procedures.

Meanwhile, a young Barbadian had packed up and left for England with his wife and baby son, to study the science of embalming and other preservation techniques. On his return in 1979, Peter Griffith joined Lyndhurst and ushered in a new approach to all aspects of the business.

Our greatest asset: After four years at Lyndhurst, Griffith branched out on his own and opened Barbados Funeral Service at Cheapside in Bridgetown. By 1987, he was invited back to take over the reins at Lyndhurst as Colin Parkinson went into retirement after nearly 40 years in the business.

Griffith and a former partner of Lyndhurst, Michael Bryan, both returned and reorganized the company, but the association lasted only three years when Bryan departed again, leaving Griffith the sole proprietor.

At Lyndhurst, our most prized asset is our staff. The company employs 28 people, most of whom have been with us for several years. From office staff to operators of vehicles to maintenance staff, all are dedicated people who go on beyond the call of duty on a daily basis.

Why a Lyndhurst website?  In this age of high technology, no company can make appreciable progress these days without a presence on the Internet. People are becoming more and more computer literate.

This website has facilities for customizing your loved one's funeral, allowing you to select and design from the programme leaflet to the casket to the gravesite.